Patricia Hoy
Heartfelt music by Argentinians for Cello and Piano
Music by two living Argentinian composers formed the heart of the concert by cellist Antonio Lysy and pianist Patricia Hoy for the Charleston Chamber Music Society Saturday night at Christ Church United Methodist.
Lysy and Hoy played with hearfelt and rhythmic vibrant mastery.
... Hoy's ability to clarify the piano part's complexities, both textural and rhythmic was key to the performance. That she did it with a light touch that still produced ample tone and rarely covered Lysy's playing was striking.
David Williams, Charleston Gazette
.... Prokofiev Sixth Piano Sonata, Op. 82 ..... it is unusual to find that kind of personality applied so vividly to as formidable a work as this, with its massive conception of keyboard prowess, its 10-fingered technique and the complicated structural plan within a couple of its movements, ...(she) brought everything off and was equal to the percussive clangor as to the minute felicites of tonal shading. The organization of the polyphonic argument raging in the first movement was beautifully sure, while the prankish allegretto and the nostalgic waltz, billowing out to its threatening dimensions, were elements of pure style and superb musical understanding.
Lloyd Dykk, The Vancouver Sun
USC Symphony Opening Concert at Bovard
... Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 1 .... Soloist for the occasion and USC first prize concerto winner, pianist Patricia Hoy, brought a pleasing blend of romantic reverie and disciplined direction. Truly excellence throughout.
Martin Bernheimer, Los Angeles Times
Pianist pleases audience with Recital

The delightful Haydn Sonata in C major No. 50 followed. Ms. Hoy's considerable facility, fine rhythmic sense and vivacious temperment were amply demonstrated in the first and last movements while she brought a rich warmth, lyricism and nuance to the lovely Adagio. .... This group (Chopin Preludes Op. 28), was possibly the high point of her recital and was very enthusiastically received. They were all pensively and beautifully played. The lovely flow of the rapid left hand figuration against the euphorius melody of the right hand in the G Major Prelude, the marvelous accuracy in the bravura style in the D minor, the lyricism and drama of the D minor, and the consumate ease in the fiendishly difficult B flat minor Prelude to mention a few were highlights in this group which gave so much pleasure to the listener.

Penticton Herald
Classical concert was masterful performance

The repertoire that Suleiman and Hoy chose was extremely challenging ... Pianist Patricia Hoy is an equal partner with power and volume to spare without overpowering, as well as interpreting to match Suleiman's playing rhythm for rhythm, phrase for phrase. Hoy's incredible skill and technique was evident in both the driving Beethoven sonata and virtuosic Rachmaninoff work, and her ability to match the cellist's rubatos in the Schumann Fantasiestucke was seamless.
The music was was exciting and brilliantly performed. The audience jumped to their feet numerous times during the evening, and at the end they were rewarded with two encores.

Maria Allison, Redoubt Reporter - Alaska
Die Schulerin und ihr Meister

A most exceptional performance had been prepared for the audience. In the case of Rachmaninoff's Sonata for Cello and Piano, the performers epitomized a perfect ensemble. Their interpretation reached a profundity which could move one to tears. ... Particularly outstanding was Hoy's and Suleiman's performance of Oswell's Sonata "Ihr lacht wohl uber Traumer," as they exhibited extraordinary depth and emotion in their interpretation. Magnificently executed, both the subtle and the striking tonal nuances of the Sonata were fully brought to bear.
...pupil and master(works by Oswell and Hummel) united in one concert, interpreted by superb soloists, a magnificent experience.

Katrin Poese, Neuburg Donau Kurier
Vancouver pianist superb
... an astonishing mastery - and the capacity to communicate the impassioned romanticism of Cesar Franck and Bela Bartok. Cesar Franck's towering Sonata in A Major is a tour de force for both violinist and pianist. The piano part lives a life of its own... both artists came through splendidly as they did again at the end of the concert with Bartok Rhapsody No.1
Ruth Francis, Montreal Journal Review
CD Reviews -
...CD Review ..... Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata ... his (cellist Eric Wilson) eloquence is matched by pianist Patricia Hoy, who clears every thicket of notes beautifully in a partnership of pure chamber music.... a (cd) collection I wouldn't want to be without.
Lloyd Dykk, The Vancouver Sun
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