Patricia Hoy
May 15, 2011
CBC Radio 2 - In Concert - A Musician's Journey to North Korea

Pianist Patricia Hoy and cellist Alexander Suleiman were invited to perform in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Pyongyang, North Korea at the 2011 April Spring Friendship Art Festival held from April 8th to the 18.  Hoy and Suleiman performed a total of seven concerts as well as giving master classes at the national conservatory. 

The choice to accept the invitation involved a weighing of many factors.  Ultimately, the opportunity to engage on a cultural level was determinative.  Ms. Hoy consulted with leading experts on the DPRK in anticipation of the tour, yet nothing could have prepared her for the unique experience of entering what is often referred to as the "Hermit Kingdom"

The musicians came away with an appreciation of our common humanity even in circumstances where frank expression of views was not possible.

Ms. Hoy talks about her thoughts and experiences in an interview with Paolo Peitropaolo for CBC Radio 2 - In Concert.

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